Ohio Concealed Carry Course Info

Brunskill Armory, LLC. offers Ohio concealed carry courses to Ohio residents, age 21 and older.  These courses meet/exceed the minimum requirements set forth by the Ohio Attorney Generals Office and participants will be awarded a certificate of competency upon completion.  Our courses are 8 hours in length and consist of 6 hours of classroom time with 2 hours of hands on/live fire training.  Although our courses are 8 hours in length, you will need to plan for approximately 9 hours of training, as we aren't allowed to count breaks and lunch time towards the minimum time prescribed by Ohio.  Participants can register online below or in person at Brunskill Armory.  For individuals wanting to register in person, please note our hours during the week.  

Our courses cost $75.00 total.  We require a $25 deposit upon registration.  Participants that fail to show up for the class or reschedule less than 24 hours before the course will lose their deposit.  If a reschedule is needed and is done 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled course, the deposit will move to the next course.  

Participants will need to bring the following with them on the day of the class. 

1) Handgun- Semi Auto or Revolver (If you do not have a handgun to bring, you may rent one with ammo from the instructor for $30.00.  You must use ammo provided by the instructor if you rent their handgun)

2) 100 rounds target ammo- Factory ammunition only- NO RELOADS

3) Hearing and Eye Protection (Prescription glasses must be safety rated to be used alone.)

4) Gov't issued photo ID

On day of class, bring Handgun/magazines and photo ID into classroom.  LEAVE AMMO IN CAR. NO LIVE AMMUNITION IS PERMITTED IN CLASSROOM. 

Live fire training will be outdoors.  Check weather and bring clothing appropriate for weather.