Firearm Transfers

Purchase a firearm online and needing a licensed federal firearms dealer to send it to?  No problem, we can help.  Our FFL transfer service costs $25.00 for the first firearm and $5.00 for each additional.  We make firearm transfers easy!

The process of buying a firearm online and having it shipped to a dealer is very easy.  Once you make your purchase, the seller will ask for a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL).  You can download it yourself from this page or you can direct the seller to this page for them to download it.  Our instructions to the seller is included on the FFL. Once you are squared away with them on your order and they have our FFL, you just wait for it to arrive.  


Please forward any tracking information you receive on your shipment to

Once we receive your transfer, we will contact you to schedule a pick up time.  You will then come in and do your background check and once you are cleared, you get to go have some fun with your new purchase!  

We help customers with FFL transfers in the Central Ohio area, including Mount Vernon, Fredericktown, Bellville, Mansfield, Columbus and more.