What is Cerakote?

Check out this video to see what Cerakote is about. 

Cerakote vs. Blueing 15 Month Time Lapse

How tough is Cerakote? Watch this 15 month time lapse video and see for yourself. 

Cerakote Corrosion Test ASTM B117

This ASTM B117 test shows why Cerakote is the superior choice for corrosion resistance.  

Cerakote MC-5100 Aluminum Clear Coat

Check out this torture test of Cerakote MC-5100 Aluminum clear coat to see why this product is the obvious choice for protecting your aluminum products.  

Cerakote Abrasion Test ASTM D4060

ASTM D4060 abrasion testing done on Cerakote and it's competitors.  

Cerakote vs. Black Nitride Test ASTM B117

Another ASTM B117 corrosion test.  Cerakote vs. Black Nitride

Cerakote Flexibility Test

Flexibility test using 12 gauge shotgun. 

Cerakote Gen II Coatings for Night Vision Camoflage

Check out the Cerakote Gen II NiR Signature Management Coatings.  Available only to law enforcement and military.